Flu for Dummies, Including Doctors



The flu (influenza) is an acute, contagious virus-caused infection of the upper respiratory tract (lungs, throat, sinuses, nose). The virus has to be inhaled through the nose or the mouth in order to enter the lungs. It is an airborne virus that floats in the air, can settle on the hands, hair, food you eat, etc. It does not jump from your hands or dinner plate into your nose or mouth, so that that washing your hands doesn’t make any difference but just keeps you ignorant and sick. So listening to any doctor who promotes this practice is a waste of time and an insult to common sense and normal intelligence, because after you wash your hands for 20 seconds and faucet, recommended, instructed by Dr. Jen, does not eliminate much less prevent the billions of viruses, bacteria already in the air from entering your nose five seconds after washing your hands. The problem is not on the outside but on the inside, i.e. your lungs and immune system. Does your doctor ever tell, educate you on the inside, prevention, diet (food, herbs) or tell you to wash your hands and then wait for you to get sick so that he can prescribe drugs and charge you for both the drugs and appointment.


Bacteria, viruses and fungi prosper in stagnant fluids, excess water, mucus, phlegm) trapped in the lungs, sinuses, which are normally kept in check, prevented by excess heat, body temperature (98.6˚F), hot climate and diet, heats, dries, disperses body fluids. When the body gets colder, fluids collect and stagnant, which is what normally happens during the colder months, producing mucus (thick water), phlegm (thick mucus). Excess fluids, mucus and phlegm can also be produced via diet as every food has a hot cold, dry or moist nature. Soft dairy, fruit, juices, sugar and cold drinks increase excess fluids and mucus. So giving you child milk and cereal, cold drinks, fruit juices, sodas, ice water and ice cream in the winter time or when you have excess mucus, is foolish, will invite, house and prosper the common cold and flu. Just as health has a specific, but flexible diet so does disease.


The solution, prevention and cure is heat via hot foods: soups, stews, cooked vegetables (raw is cooling), protein, fat, spices and bitter herbs (cold, drying) until the cold, flu has passed. This works most of the time but there are always exceptions.


I (66) haven’t had a cold, much less a flu in the last forty years, despite living in a two-bedroom house (in the mountains, NC) that is not insulated except for the small bedroom, for the last eight years. Every winter I wake up and go into the main room and the temperature, depending on the outdoor temperature is in the low to high thirties and hopefully at end of the day, depending on the sun, rises up in the low fifties, but mostly stays in the forties. I usually sit by a heater with a jacket, sweatshirt and blanket that drapes over the heater. At night I turn on the heat in the bedroom, and get the temperature up to the mid-sixties and then turn it off. By morning it is a few degrees warmer than the living room. I also walk every day ½ hour to 45 minutes outdoor whatever the temperature, single digit, 20’s, 30’s, etc. and have hung around ion closed environment with people who already have colds. I would attempt to keep the house warmer, keep the heat on all the time, except it is too expensive, as the cold air quickly consumes the heat.


If this interests you then buy my book, Hot and Cold Health School of Natural Healing, East and West, based on Chinese, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medicine and forty plus years of counseling or just go wash your hands. The only person who can cure you is you.


Richard Heft


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