Dumb Advice, Coffee 4C per day


The latest scientific study advises that drinking four cups of coffee per day may help the heart, prevent heart disease. It does not exactly say how but what we do know is that coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, which increases the circulation of the blood via the stimulation of the heart (pump) which control the circulation of blood.


The only reason to stimulate the heart, increase circulation is when there is poor circulation. Poor circulation is due in large part, most of the time via clogged, narrow arteries (atherosclerosis) via too much dietary cholesterol, saturated fat, clots and plaque which decreases the internal diameter, size, space (normal may be 1 ½” to abnormal ½”), amount of blood flowing through at any one time, forming the heart to pump more via smaller openings. Drinking four cups of coffee per day may temporarily, in the short run increase circulation but will not reduce cholesterol, plaque, etc., which just get worse with time. Proper diet will.

Coffee, caffeine is also acidic drains calcium and other minerals from the bones, teeth.

In Chinese and Ayurvedic (India) medicines, coffee drains jing, sexual essence (sperm, ovum, etc.), weakens the kidneys which control the bones, sex organs and more leading to osteoporosis, lower back and knee pain, infertility, miscarriage, impotence, premature aging, dry skin and more. I used to own a health food store in Hollywood, Fl (1984- 2001). Many times I had older men pull me off the side to ask me questions on impotence? They wanted to know what supplements could help. I asked all of them if the drank coffee. Most said yes, 2- 4 cups per day for the last 20- 40 years. I told them about the coffee. Many would not give up the coffee but instead elected to buy ginseng and other supplements.

The moral of this story is you cannot correct most health problems with pharmaceutical drugs without removing the initial cause, which most of the time is poor diet.

R.G. Heft, Hot and Cold Health

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Flu for Dummies, Including Doctors



The flu (influenza) is an acute, contagious virus-caused infection of the upper respiratory tract (lungs, throat, sinuses, nose). The virus has to be inhaled through the nose or the mouth in order to enter the lungs. It is an airborne virus that floats in the air, can settle on the hands, hair, food you eat, etc. It does not jump from your hands or dinner plate into your nose or mouth, so that that washing your hands doesn’t make any difference but just keeps you ignorant and sick. So listening to any doctor who promotes this practice is a waste of time and an insult to common sense and normal intelligence, because after you wash your hands for 20 seconds and faucet, recommended, instructed by Dr. Jen, does not eliminate much less prevent the billions of viruses, bacteria already in the air from entering your nose five seconds after washing your hands. The problem is not on the outside but on the inside, i.e. your lungs and immune system. Does your doctor ever tell, educate you on the inside, prevention, diet (food, herbs) or tell you to wash your hands and then wait for you to get sick so that he can prescribe drugs and charge you for both the drugs and appointment.


Bacteria, viruses and fungi prosper in stagnant fluids, excess water, mucus, phlegm) trapped in the lungs, sinuses, which are normally kept in check, prevented by excess heat, body temperature (98.6˚F), hot climate and diet, heats, dries, disperses body fluids. When the body gets colder, fluids collect and stagnant, which is what normally happens during the colder months, producing mucus (thick water), phlegm (thick mucus). Excess fluids, mucus and phlegm can also be produced via diet as every food has a hot cold, dry or moist nature. Soft dairy, fruit, juices, sugar and cold drinks increase excess fluids and mucus. So giving you child milk and cereal, cold drinks, fruit juices, sodas, ice water and ice cream in the winter time or when you have excess mucus, is foolish, will invite, house and prosper the common cold and flu. Just as health has a specific, but flexible diet so does disease.


The solution, prevention and cure is heat via hot foods: soups, stews, cooked vegetables (raw is cooling), protein, fat, spices and bitter herbs (cold, drying) until the cold, flu has passed. This works most of the time but there are always exceptions.


I (66) haven’t had a cold, much less a flu in the last forty years, despite living in a two-bedroom house (in the mountains, NC) that is not insulated except for the small bedroom, for the last eight years. Every winter I wake up and go into the main room and the temperature, depending on the outdoor temperature is in the low to high thirties and hopefully at end of the day, depending on the sun, rises up in the low fifties, but mostly stays in the forties. I usually sit by a heater with a jacket, sweatshirt and blanket that drapes over the heater. At night I turn on the heat in the bedroom, and get the temperature up to the mid-sixties and then turn it off. By morning it is a few degrees warmer than the living room. I also walk every day ½ hour to 45 minutes outdoor whatever the temperature, single digit, 20’s, 30’s, etc. and have hung around ion closed environment with people who already have colds. I would attempt to keep the house warmer, keep the heat on all the time, except it is too expensive, as the cold air quickly consumes the heat.


If this interests you then buy my book, Hot and Cold Health School of Natural Healing, East and West, based on Chinese, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medicine and forty plus years of counseling or just go wash your hands. The only person who can cure you is you.


Richard Heft

Arthritis, Miracle Cures



Arthritis is a generic term for inflammation (pain, swelling and redness) of the joint (where two or more bones join), stationary and mobile. Movable joints include the bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves and blood.

Cartilage (gelatinous substance, shock absorber) caps, separates and cushions the ends of all movable bones. Ligaments hold the bones together. Tendons attach muscles to ligaments. Nerves provide electrical impulses. Blood (nutrients) stimulate, move, expand and contract the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which move the bones (range of motion). Poor circulation via deficient blood, anemia, clogged arteries, obesity, injury and sedentary lifestyle tends to cause arthritic pain.

There are three types of arthritis:

(1) Rheumatoid (autoimmune)

(2) Gout (excess uric acid)

(3) Osteo (bone on bone)

Protein and fat build, thicken, fuel, heat and moisten. Long-term low protein, low fat, caffeine and high carbohydrate diets tend to reduce, thin and weaken the blood. Chronic, low protein, low fat deficient, thin blood, thins, dries, inflames, weakens and pains the muscles, tendons, nerves, etc. in the arms, legs, hands and feet: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Peripheral Artery Disease and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). RLS is a condition in which the legs develop painful cramps, twitch, and jerk or kick involuntarily while lying in bed, day or night.

High animal protein, fat diets, in the extreme, thicken and the blood (clots, high cholesterol) and clog the arteries (plaque, atherosclerosis) stagnating and reducing circulation, especially to the extremities: head, arms and legs, which, dries, thins, inflames and pains the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves causing arthritic symptoms (rheumatoid and psoriatic). Pain, numbness, in the arms, legs, while sitting or lying down with arms or legs crossed generally indicates clogged arteries or poor, reduced circulation. High protein diets, in the extreme, also cause excessive uric acid (by-product of protein digestion) that can lodge in the joints (gout), in particular the big toe causing excruciating pain. Gout is more prevalent in men, western countries (high protein, high fat) than women (low protein, low fat diets) and Asia (low animal protein, fat, high carbohydrate).

Blood thinners can also cause arthritic symptoms, as they thin the blood; remove excess protein, fat (cholesterol), which eventually thins the bones, muscles, etc. Protein, fat builds, thickens the bones, as does exercise. My health food store was located in S. Fl. Many of my elderly customers who were taking blood thinners complained about subsequent bone deformities, melting, fusing of the bones in the hands and feet

Dietary treatment (food, herbs) for arthritis via blood deficiency and clogged arteries is relatively simple but time consuming, to rebuild and cleanse the body.

The hotter middle diet, more chicken, turkey, hard cheese, soups, cooked vegetables, spices (red pepper, turmeric) is recommended for “cold” arthritis caused by deficiency, low protein, and low fat, anemic thin blood. Turmeric helps stretch the ligaments.

The colder middle diet, turmeric, is recommended for excess heat, building, “hot” arthritis, clogged arteries. Increase vegetables (raw cabbage, celery) fruit (apples), juices (with pulp) spices (cumin, coriander, fennel, turmeric) and peppermint tea. Vegetable and fruit juices with pulp and asparagus help dissolve calcium and uric acid deposits in the joints. Raw pineapple helps relieve, cure acute tendonitis. Glucosamine sulfate (1500 mg/ day) and bovine cartilage can help grow cartilage where there is cartilage. Check with your doctor first before using or have an allergy to shellfish (source of GS). Hot salves (contain hot herbs: camphor, capsicum/ cayenne pepper) used externally for reducing pain are also effective, especially when skin is wrapped, covered with plastic, which contains, drives heat down, into the skin, muscles, circulates blood. Reduce, avoid animal flesh, alcohol, sugar, cooked nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant); caffeine and flour, which are acidic, worsen arthritis

     Diet and herbs cannot cure osteoarthritis (bone on bone). You cannot grow cartilage where there is none.           

Case history #27 I used to suffer numbness and pain when I crossed my arms and legs while sitting or lying down. I also suffered pain in my back and knees. I changed my diet, increased hard cheese, nuts, seeds fruits and vegetables (raw and cooked) while decreasing, eliminating animal flesh (except occasional turkey and chicken) and grain. My diet used to be one-third grain. Within six months the pain, numbness, etc. with my arms and legs, crossed, raised, disappeared as long as I ate well. The pain would return if I did not eat well (excess animal protein, fat, grain, alcohol and coffee), and immediately disappear once I corrected my diet, indicating that my circulation back to normal, regardless of the fact that I was getting older, nearing my sixtieth birthday. Everything (plaque, clots, etc.) builds up and breaks down.

Case history #6: I played basketball most of my life, until the age of fifty-two. I sustained some damage to my ligaments, tendons and cartilage, arthritic pain in both knees. I started using MSM (sulfur) 4,000- 5,000mg and Vitamin C 3,000 to 5,000 mg two times per day, which vastly improved, lessened the pain. However, it was not until I added fresh fruit and vegetable juice (with pulp), 2x/ day that my pain, in my knees completely disappeared. Fruits and vegetables are highly alkaline which help helps dissolve calcium, fluoride and other mineral deposits in the bones, muscles, nerves, etc. Prior to these cures, I had consistent pain in my knees and legs, when walking, or sitting on the ground with my legs crossed. Now I could do both without pain. Check with your doctor, as sulfur may interfere with some prescription drugs.

     Arthritis, in its many forms can also have non- dietary causes (injury, trauma, drugs). Medical consultation and or treatment may be necessary.

Fallacy, Two Faces of of Miracle Cures


Beware when you hear about miracle cures that extend life, protect against brain damage, nervous degeneration,  inflammation,  etc., as their miracle, effect is only temporary combating any abuse you heap upon the body.  For example, circumin from turmeric (spice) is touted as a miracle cure, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, benefiting joint pain, nerve cells, longevity, etc. yes it does some of things, but for only certain people for a certain amount of time as if you do not stop the abuse.

(1) High animal  protein, fat diets, in the extreme, that thicken the  blood (clots, high cholesterol) that thicken and narrow the arteries (plaque), reducing blood flow, especially to the extremities, head, arms and legs, producing nerve degeneration, starvation, joint pain, inflammation (blood moistens, cools inflammation) and (2) too much processed grain, flour (bread, pretzels, cookies, chips, crackers) which paste the small intestine, villi, reducing nutrient absorption, blood, which also degenerates, dries, weakens and inflames the brain, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscle, joints, etc.(3) too much sugar,  soda, coffee drugs are acidic, also degenerate, inflame the brain, bones, etc. Using turmeric, concentrated cumin will do you little good, especially if you are dry, thin, it will make you worse, as turmeric is a cold, bitter herb that works best on overweight people, fat and water not the dry, thin, which it will worsen.

Turmeric (cold, bitter, astringent, drying)

  • Antibiotic, purifies, rebuilds the blood
  • Improves intestinal flora (digestion, absorption)
  • Increase metabolism, benefits deficiency
  • Regulates liver, gall bladder
  • Stretches the ligaments, cleanses the chakras
  • Usually combined with other bitters
  • Bitter herbs (cold, drying)
  • Cold, drying, cleanse, detoxify the blood
  • Digest protein, fat and cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-parasite
  • Decrease intestinal flora (digest, absorb nutrients), except turmeric (improves intestinal flora)
  • Too much dries the blood (anemia) tightens the chest (difficulty breathing), abdomen (cramping, nausea, vomiting) especially when taken on empty stomach, increases urination. Use more in the spring, summer. Avoid if cold, dry, thin, contracted or deficient.

Green tea is another bitter herbs, great fro fat digestion and little else., Buying super potency green tea may help some, but it will do no good unless you make overall changes in your diet.

Another miracle food: super greens, barley glass, wheat grass, spirulina, which are highly nutritious but cold, damp (moistening), good for someone that is dry (dry lips. mouth, skin), airy (insomnia, shaking) but not cold, damp (mucous, phlegm, edema, yeast infection, cellulite, etc.).

You can find out a lot more in my book, Hot and Cold Health, Biological, Energetic and Spiritual Guide to Natural Healing. Caution: the inside the book for the paperback http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Cold-Health-Biological-Energetic/dp/0974791709?ie=UTF8&qid=&ref_=tmm_pap_swatch_0&sr= is old, outdated.  the new inside the book can be found on the kindle version: https://www.amazon.com/Hot-Cold-Health-Biological-Energetic-ebook/dp/B00AHH6T7Y?ie=UTF8&me=&ref_=mt_kindle

You cannot find this information on wiki, which may be “library” but not and education. People who are smart read books, not take bits and pieces. the whole is equal to and greater than the sum of its parts. Questions? rgheft@netzero.com


Respiration, Digestion and Dampness


The lungs, located in the chest, are composed of five lobes (rounded part of an organ separated from other parts of the organ by connective tissues): three in the right and two in the left. Lobes divide into lobules that connect to blood vessels, lymph. The lungs

  • Governs respiration (air), rules chi (energy)
  • Descends, distributes chi, food essence, body fluids
  • Controls exterior: skin, external immune system
  • Paired with large intestine
  • Opens into the nose, manifests in body hair

       Respiration controls air, exchange of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) between the body and the environment. Oxygen enters the body via the nose, throat → lungs bronchi (two large lung channels) → bronchioles (smaller) → alveoli (air sacs, where gas exchange occurs) → bloodstreampulmonary vein (carries oxygen-enriched blood from the lungs) → heart. The pulmonary artery carries CO2 and old blood from the heart to the lungs for cleansing, oxygenation.      Oxygen (pure chi) purifies and nourishes the body. The brain uses 20% of the body’s oxygen content. No cell, tissue can live without it for more than a few minutes. Carbon dioxide (poisonous waste via protein, fat and starch) increases respiration, exhalation, stimulates the heart, restlessness.

       The lungs are naturally moist, which facilitates the exchange of water-soluble gases (O2 and CO2) between the body (blood) and environment. Too much or too little moisture within the lungs decreases the exchange of gases, amount of oxygen absorbed and carbon dioxide eliminated.      Body temperature, digestion, diet and climate regulate the amount of body fluids. Normal body temperature (98.6˚F) and digestion heats, dries and thins body fluids. Colder, lower body temperatures via “cold” diet and climate, weak digestion and chronic illness slow, thicken fluids into mucous, phlegm, in the same way, the colder temperatures of night and winter cool and harden water in the air or on the ground into the morning dew, rain (clear), snow (white flakes) and or ice.     

      The spleen is the origin of damp and the lungs (son) its receptacle. Spleen chi, digestive fire (acid, enzymes), three meals per day heats and dries the body, especially the lungs, which are located above the digestive organs, (stomach, spleen, liver, small intestine, etc.). Heat rises. All dairy is mucous forming. Too much creates excess mucous in the lungs, intestines and sex organs. Too many cold, damp foods (soft dairy, juices, smoothies, sodas, cold drinks, ice water and sugar) weakens, cools digestion, decrease nutrient absorption, blood, energy, body temperature, which thicken fluids in the lungs in the lungs, bronchi, alveoli, nasal passages, throat, sinuses, etc.

  • Coughing, expectoration: clear, white mucous, phlegm, runny nose, hacking, snoring, sleep apnea
  • Breathlessness, shortness of breath, asthma, dryness and inflammation in the sinuses (sinusitis), and bronchi (bronchitis)
  • Splashing sounds in throat, chest, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (severe bronchitis), pleurisy, pneumonia,
  • Bacteria, fungi and viruses growth (thrives in trapped, stagnant fluids: water, mucous, phlegm)
  • White mucous, phlegm overtime can heat (98.6˚F), dry, harden and turn yellow, green and is harder, more difficult to expectorate forcing the lungs to violently cough, bark, hack to dislodge

Radishes, turnips, wild cherry bark (decongestant) and spices help dissolve mucous, phlegm. Spices (cardamom, basil, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, etc.) are heating, drying and toxic to many bacteria, viruses, fungi and mosquitoes via their essential oil content (hot, aromatic, purifying). Elecampane (pungent, bitter) is one of the best rejuvenative herbs for the lungs, strengthening the muscles, while reducing damp, mucous (kapha).

Hot and Cold Health http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Cold-Health-Science-Bioenergetics/dp/0974791709/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1455820580&sr=1-3&keywords=richard+heft


Oprah loves bread to her detriment


Oprah Winfrey has had health issues over the years one of them being obesity. Bread and other processed grains are the worst foods she can eat for many reasons aside from obesity. The following is an excerpt from Hot and Cold Health

The large intestine (5’) and urinary bladder, located in the lower abdomen (burner) are largely a function of diet as they receive, store and eliminate undigested food and fluids in the form of feces and urine. The small intestine connects to the large intestine. Food, nutrients and non-nutrients (includes fiber) not digested, absorbed in the small intestine becomes waste (ama) that passes into the large intestine → cecum (beginning sac, in lower right abdomen, contains appendix, offshoot of cecum) → ascending → transverse → descending colon → rectum. The large intestine is also connected, related to the lungs, and when clogged, full can cause shortness of breath.

The lungs are energetically active from 5- 7 A.M. It is common, healthy to move the bowels during this time. If you eat 2- 3 meals a day, you should move your bowels 2-3 times a day, especially in the A.M. Daily elimination is necessary, otherwise, bloating, gas, pain, retention of stools and re-absorption of poisons into the blood, lymph, and weakening of the immune system tends to occur. Sedentary lifestyle and sleeping late decreases elimination.

The stools are made from food (nutrients, non-nutrients, fiber) and bacteria. Protein and fat build thicken the stools. Flour (bread, noodles, cookies, pretzels, chips, etc.) paste the stools (sticky). Fruit, vegetables moisten, loosen. Normal, healthy stools are semi-firm, temporarily float and relatively odorless. Poorly formed, loose or stools that immediately sink indicate weak digestion as well as decreased nutrient absorption (malabsorption).

Too much protein, fat, oil and flour
• Narrows, clogs the large intestine
• Painful abdominal bloating, gas
• Dry, pasty stools, foul odor
• Constipation (difficult or infrequent elimination)
• Pain, pressure in rectum, anus (alternately contracting and relaxing the anal sphincter muscles helps relieve anal, rectal pain)
• Fever, perspiration, shortness of breath, insomnia that passes when stools pass
• Pockets (diverticulitis), polyps, tumors, cancer
• Ulcers (ulcerative colitis), blood in stools (tumors)

Treatment plan +/- medical consultation
• Colder middle diet, black fungus and bitter herbs, avoid dairy, beans, nuts
• 1TB of sesame or olive oil (1- 2X/ day with food)
• Black pepper stimulates digestion burns up toxins (Ama) and helps clear stagnation (waste, toxins)
• Smaller, earlier meals, less grain, except barley
• Drink cold water with ¼ tsp. salt upon rising
• 2 glasses: juice, water, aloe gel (1 oz) and colon cleanser (1-2 TB psyllium husks) 1- 2 X/ day
• Enemas, colonics, laxatives help but do not cure chronic. Long-term use increases constipation.
• Rhubarb (1- 3 grams, 3- 4 capsules,) during the late afternoon helps dissolves accumulations, hardness (ama) in the small intestines. Do not use if pregnant, lactating, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, gout and stones. May cause cramping (add 1 capsule each ginger and fennel to help relieve, prevent)

Hot and Cold Health, Science of Bioenergetics< Making Natural Cures Work for You http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Cold-Health-Science-Bioenergetics/dp/0974791709/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0XWAN7V7YFDWKX8K9RM3



Fertility, reproduction is dependent on jing, blood, hormones, diet and age. Protein and fat, especially animal build blood, testosterone, estrogen, testes, ovaries, etc. Sugar, caffeine, drugs and excessive sex weaken.

(1) Low protein, low fat diets and caffeine consume jing thin the blood, ovum decrease fertility, pregnancy, increase miscarriage, short-term pregnancy. The hotter middle diet, royal jelly, ashwagandha, is recommended. (2) Too many cold, damp foods, drinks (soft dairy sugar, juices, cold drinks) reduce digestion, nutrient absorption, blood, body temperature, → excess fluids, mucous in the fallopian tubes, inhibits, blocks conception. The hotter middle diet for cold, damp is recommended.

(3) Too much animal protein, fat diets tends to cause growths, tumors in, around the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which prevents the egg from descending into the uterus. The colder middle diet, for several months is recommended. Afterwards, add eggs, chicken, turkey, etc. Medical consultation for both wife and husband (low sperm) is also recommended.